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The newest grooming salon in Cambridge for men, offering the latest range of dedicated male treatments from body waxing, back waxing, facials, shaping and sports massage. All treatments delivered by expert therapists.

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Your Hands

Says so much about you to others! Let's keep you in the best shape....

Speedy Manicure

For in-between maintenance. Includes nail trimming, filing and buffing finished with cuticle oil or a strengthener.

20 mins | £20

Total Manicure Plus

Focussing on nourishing skin conditioners, cuticles trimmed and restored, nails clipped, filed and shaped. Finished with a hand and lower arm massage

PLUS a nail buff or strengthener.

30 mins | £30

Your Feet

They support you through so much! Let's give them all the help they need.....

Speedy Pedicure

For in-between care and protection from damage to nails and toes. Includes nail clipping, filing, buffing, cuticle oil or strengthener.

20 mins | £20

Refresh Your Sole

Re-energise your soles and heels for a clean fresh start - including hard skin removal. Treat your feet to a skin peel, moisturising masque and massage.

30 mins | £30

Can be incorporated into the Athletic Pedicure or as a stand-alone service.

The Athletic Pedicure

A soothing foot soak, exfoliating scrub, hard skin removal, rejuvenating masque. Nail cutting, shaping, cuticle trimming and push back.

Finished with a lower leg massage, nail buff or strengthener.

40 mins | £40

Hair Removal

Say cheerio to those hairy moments....

Whilst shaving only removes hair from the surface waxing takes hair out from the root leaving a lasting smooth finish. At InnaSpa we offer two types of waxing for men, hot waxing or strip waxing. Although they work nearly the same way both types have their advantages and disadvantages both of these will be discussed with you before your appointment.

Is it painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold but it's no worse than pulling off a plaster for some. Rest assured that waxing is very safe if undertaken by a professional expert.

The difference between hot wax or strip wax depends on the area where wax is to be applied, your Spa Partner will discuss which option is most suitable during your consultation.

Personal Zone Menu
Nostrils/Ears £13
Fingers/Toes £13
Brows £15
Neck £15
Shoulders £16
Back & Shoulders £38
Forearm £38
Full Arm £47
Chest & Abdomen £48
Partial Leg £48
Full Leg £63
Intimate Zone Menu
Crack £15
Buttocks £25
Speedo Line £25
Back, Crack & Sack £60

Face & Eyes

Need to look your best but better?

Our Men's Grooming Facials are selected to not only make you feel great about yourself but will make a positive difference to your daily regime.

Men's skin produces more oil, that doesn't mean that all men have oily skin but it does mean that men's skin needs a bespoke approach from an expert. If skin is not cleaned correctly then oil will block pores which then leads to other issues that's why all our facials include extraction.

If you're looking for a one-off skin boost in readiness for a special occasion or to seriously improve what you have then take a closer look at our men's facials menu.....

Men's Mini Facial

As a first time try or as an in-between refresher. Enjoy the benefits from a steam cleanse to open the pores followed by blackhead extraction and finished with a fine line smoothing moisturiser.

30 mins | £46

Men's Foundation Facial

Smooth clean skin will result in a better daily shaving experience...

Get off to a great start with a serious double steam cleanse, neck and shoulder massage, extraction for an even deeper clean, exfoliation to smooth,masque, toner and moisturiser.

70 mins | £80

Non-Surgical Face Treatments

CACI Cheek, jaw-line, neck lift

Targets muscle laxity around the jaw line which causes drooping and loose skin. This lift will help to firm, lift and refine facial contours to provide a more toned appearance.

30 mins | £47

CACI Eye Revive

A fine line wrinkle smoother to lift and firm the muscles around the eyes specifically where definition has been lost with ageing.

25 mins | £49

40min | £63

CACI Microdermabrasion Therapy

Here's the science.....

Controlled orbital microdermabrasion combined with LED light therapy for tissue repair and healing.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment in which the outermost layer of the skin is partially or completely removed by light exfoliation.

This is the penultimate non-surgical treatment for coarse oil clogged pores, acne scarring and skin eruptions. The results will leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed more youthful and glowing.

This treatment is excellent for sun damage and is completed with an intense rehydration masque to calm and further smooth your skin.

30 mins | £66

Non-Surgical Face Lift

The facial workout without the effort of going to the gym!

Supported by over twenty years of evidenced medical research. Microcurrents will lift and tone, microcurrents were originally used to treat muscle paralysis like Bell's Palsy.

Non-surgical Facial for men

Our Innaspa partners have created their own ultimate non-invasive facial for men which combines CACI microdermabrasion therapy and CACI toning together – the best of both worlds.

60 mins | £79

We do not recommend this treatment if you suffer from high/low blood pressure, circulatory problems, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions or cold sores/skin infections/eye infections.


(Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) recently featured on 10 years younger and voted number 1 anti-ageing treatment. It's a pain-free non-surgical facelift and you will feel a difference after just one treatment and you'll be amazed after a course of 12.

75 mins | £100

Tired Muscle Massage

Performance Massage

Specifically for aching muscles associated with sport.

Our therapist will create a firm pressure bespoke massage that works deep into the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue and helping to flush away toxins.

Regular sessions will increase joint mobility and flexibility and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

Excellent for athletes who rely on limber joints and muscles for pain-free peak performance.

30 mins | £40

60 mins| £79

Traditional Mood/Relaxation Massage

For deep relaxation to completely unwind your mind and body....

Reward and look after yourself in the best way with a personalised medium pressure massage.

Using traditional techniques to gently manipulate your tension and completely de-stress you.

15 mins | £26

25 mins | £37

45 mins | £58

65 mins | £81

85 mins | £95

Your massage time is your choice in multiples of 15 minutes up to 85 minutes.

Both massages are bespoke to suit your specific areas of concern which will be agreed with your Spa Partner during your consultation.

Back Treatments

Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes....

Back treatments for men

Spots around the upper back are often a sign that a good detox is needed. Which is why back facials are such popular treatments for men. Our back treatments are designed to exfoliate, draw out impurities and hydrate the skin and are well worth thinking about if you'd rather someone else saw the back of you.

Back Scrub

Smooth a craggy exterior.

Spotty backs can be a result of doing something that's actually good for you – exercise. So, without giving up your regime here is a solution:

  • Hot mitt cleanse, to warm and cleanse.
  • Back exfoliation, to eliminate dead cells.
  • Hot mitt finish, to cleanse, soothe and prepare for a final application of nourishing oil.

30 mins | £45

Back Wrap

A combination of a back mask with massage therapy, offering a longer lasting effect on tension.

  • Hot mitt cleanse, to warm and remove impurities
  • Mud mask applied to the back (after application your Spa Partner will massage your feet and lower legs)
  • Oil application to nourish

40 mins | £55

Man Tan

Fake tan, self-tan - call it what you will but it's becoming an increasingly popular treatment for men.

There's no doubt that tanned skin makes your complexion look brighter enhancing your features along with muscle definition.

At InnaSpa, we offer 4 different types of tanning treatments for men which will last between 7-10 days.

  • St Tropez Classic, natural looking which adapts itself to your skin tone.
  • St Tropez Dark, the darkest and most intense colour we have and will go as dark as your skin allows.
  • Lux Oil, for a light to medium tan.
  • Express, perfect for last minute tanners.

20 mins | £30

Inversion Therapy

Did you know we offer inversion therapy at Innaspa?

Inversion therapy can improve the circulation process by allowing the body to work with gravity thereby supporting the lymphatic systems. Lymphatic fluid can move up more efficiently and the faster the lymphatic system is cleared, the faster the ache and pain of stiff muscles disappears.

Inversion therapy is beneficial for:

  • Back pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Improving circulation
  • Clearing muscle congestion

Course of 20 mins | £20

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